Coffee lovers? Get to Know These Ten Types of Espresso

Coffee lovers? Get to Know These Ten Types of Espresso

Coffee is a mandatory drink when hanging out with friends. There are many types of coffee known in Indonesia. Indonesia is one of the largest coffee producing countries in the world. This type of coffee from Indonesia is also famous abroad.


Espresso is the core of coffee drinks, it can be said to be the basic foundation of various coffee drinks. Espresso is coffee that is extracted using a high-pressure brewer. The process of making espresso starts from coffee grounds which must be sprayed with high pressure of 4-9 bar and a water temperature of 90-98 degrees Celsius.

The history of espresso comes from Italian people who had to queue for a long time to order coffee, even though their routine was very busy and required moving quickly.
From this situation, a man from Turin, Italy named Angelo Moriondo succeeded in inventing the first espresso coffee machine in 1884.


Americano is also known as a black coffee derivative of espresso, the word americano comes from the way Americans drink espresso. Some coffee lovers call it a watered down version of espresso, because of the addition of hot water in it, for a fresher taste it is not uncommon for people to add ice cubes to this drink, and iced americano is created as a black coffee drink.

Americano coffee is made from one or two shots of espresso, then hot water is added on top. Many people also think that Americano is the same as black coffee. In fact, the process of making the two coffee menus is not the same, and neither is the taste produced.


Cappuccino is a traditional Italian drink which is famous for its top layer in the form of milk froth, the composition is 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk and 1/3 milk froth, it is said to be the same if the composition is all the same between espresso, steamed and froth. milk. If we take a sip, we will feel the foam is quite firm and thick, and the milky taste afterwards, cappuccino has no art on the top surface layer.

The milk used to make a cup of cappuccino is milk with thicker foam than latte. The amount of milk is also less because one third of the cappuccino coffee is thick foam.

In a cup of cappuccino, the milk foam looks rougher because the steaming process takes longer. The steaming, foaming, or frothing process usually uses the steam tool found in the espresso machine, namely the steam wand. However, making this foam cannot only be done with a steam wand.


Latte is a mixture of espresso and milk that has been steamed or milk heated with steam. The basic thing for making a latte is the process of steaming the milk. The foam produced in a latte is a little smoother and not thicker than a cappuccino.

The aim of the milk steaming process is to heat the milk to the desired temperature and to produce micro foam.

The composition of the latte is Double shot espresso 1/3 and 2/3 steamed milk, the micro foam is thin, only about 1 cm on the surface, and usually in the presentation there is a picture on the surface or what is often called latte art. The mixture ratio is 1:2, espresso is 30 ml then the milk mixture is 60 ml,

If you want to make a latte, pay attention to the type of milk, latte is a type of drink that is thick and the milk taste is dominant, so don’t choose low fat milk. For coffee beans, you can use Arabica or Robusta. There are no absolute rules regarding the type of bean, but the body profile must be thick and bold so that the taste of the coffee is not inferior to the taste of the milk.

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