These are the benefits of yoga for body and mental health!

These are the benefits of yoga for body and mental health!

Many people underestimate the benefits of yoga because of its light movements.

In fact, even though yoga is only light exercise, you can get many unexpected benefits, you know.

Yoga movements are not just about closing your eyes while sitting cross-legged but there are various other variations.

However, what is yoga actually? Is it true that yoga movements are only limited to that?

If you are interested in starting body and mind exercise activities such as yoga, it’s a good idea to check out the benefits of yoga for physical and mental health below!

1. Improve balance, flexibility and body strength

Yoga has slow movements, breathing exercises and holding poses so that it can increase blood flow and warm the body’s muscles.

As a result, by regularly doing yoga you can increase your body’s flexibility, train your body’s balance and strengthen your body.

As you know, flexibility is an important component of physical health.

So, to make your body more flexible, of course you need to do yoga regularly.

2. Helps relieve back pain

Back pain sufferers are highly recommended to do basic stretches to reduce pain.

Well, yoga is a sport that has elements of body stretching which can help stretch the body, relax muscles and treat soreness.

Especially for sufferers of chronic lower back pain.

The American College of Physicians recommends yoga as the first treatment for sufferers of this pain.

3. Relieves symptoms of arthritis

Therefore, arthritis sufferers should do yoga.

To get this benefit, of course you have to do it regularly.

4. Maintain heart health

The heart is a body organ whose function is to pump blood throughout the body containing nutrients and oxygen.

In other words, the heart is an important component that must be maintained in good health,

Yoga has been proven to be one way to protect the heart.

Regular yoga practice can reduce inflammation levels throughout the body, thereby contributing to a healthier heart.

High blood pressure and being overweight are two factors that cause heart disease.

Well, these factors can be overcome through regular yoga.

5. Makes the body relax and helps you sleep more soundly

Yoga brings benefits to the body when done regularly before bed.

Research from shows the fact that a yoga routine before bed can consistently improve sleep quality.

This happens because there are positive thoughts before going to sleep which causes sleep to be more restful.

6. Increase energy in the body

Yoga can increase energy in the body.

The sensation of increased physical energy is one of the benefits of doing yoga regularly.

This physical energy can be a level of enthusiasm within yourself.

Apart from that, negative feelings in the body are also reduced during the yoga routine.

7. Lose weight

By exercising yoga regularly, you can help you lose weight, you know.

Yep, even if it’s only light, yoga can trigger the body’s metabolic system and burn fat.

Yoga exercise has also been proven to be suitable for type 2 diabetes sufferers who want to improve the quality of their bodies.

Even so, you also need to consult a doctor first, okay?

The reason is, click here everyone has different health conditions and is more at risk if they have congenital diseases.

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