Talking about culinary delights in the world, of course they will be very diverse, from the taste to the choice of ingredients which always attract attention. Well, did you know that apart from being famous for its football, it turns out that Brazil also has culinary choices that can shake your tongue The variety of culinary menu choices seems to be able to attract you to visit there.

Yep, when you visit Brazil you will find many choices of tourist attractions too, not to mention the rows of beautiful beaches in Rio de Janeiro which will certainly make your life more colorful. Talking again about culinary delights, Brazil has a variety of menu choices that will enrich your sense of taste.


Brazilian cuisine itself has quite unique flavors, so it’s not surprising that there are so many fans. Moqueca is one of the Brazilian menus or culinary delights that you should try. But you have to know first, Moqueca apparently has variations.

This is because there are two regions in Brazil that claim that this culinary specialty is their regional specialty, namely Bahia and Espirito Santo. The difference can be seen from the main ingredients, in Bahia Moqueca is usually made with vegetable oil, pepper and coconut milk. Meanwhile, in Espirito Santo, it is served with rice, Farofa (fried cassava flour) and Pirao.


If you like all fried culinary delights, you won’t find it difficult to enjoy the pleasures of Selamat Je. This type of fried food which has a small shape could be your choice while enjoying the beautiful natural landscape.

Selamatje itself is made from crushed Tolo beans and mixed with vegetable oil and onion paste. After that, the tipi is formed and fried. Then, on top of the food are placed dried shrimp and vatapa (a mixture of shrimp, bread and other ingredients).


What’s interesting is that Brazil doesn’t only have delicious food, because you can also get a choice of refreshing drinks. One of them is Caipirinha. This type of alcoholic drink is typical of Brazil. Made from Cachaxa, lime, ice cubes and sugar, Caipirinh can be the right choice when the hot sun attacks.

The lime is cut in half and then added with 1-2 teaspoons of white granulated sugar which is pounded with a wooden pestle which will release the juice. Then add 20-50 ml of cachaça and crushed ice. Then stir thoroughly and the Caipirinha is ready to be enjoyed.


Back again with fried foods, Brazil also has another option, namely Coxinha. In fact, this culinary delight has a lot of fans because of its deliciousness. It’s not surprising that you should try it when you visit there.

At first glance, this typical Brazilian food has similarities to risoles, but Brazilians call it “chicken thighs”, because its shape is very similar to chicken thighs. So, for the filling, Coxinha itself is filled with shredded chicken and then given a layer of breadcrumbs. Then just fried in hot oil.

Pao de Quiejo

If you like cheese bread, Pao de Quiejo could be one of your favorite choices when talking about typical Brazilian culinary delights. But don’t get me wrong, because this culinary delight is not ordinary, you can find it from morning to evening.

Brazilians usually make it as an accompaniment to breakfast and it is not uncommon for people to enjoy it as a snack during picnics. The delicious taste is certainly the main reason why many people like this culinary delight.

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