Types of Cocktails

Types of Cocktails

Several types of cocktails such as Green Russians, Manhattan, French Connection, Alexander and Dirty Martini.

1. Popular Types of Cocktails


Cosmopolitan or cosmo is a cocktail made from a mixture of vodka, lemon juice, cranberry juice and triple sec ajsmuskego.com.

Black Russian

Just like Cosmo, Black Russian is also made with the main ingredient being vodka. In the traditional version, vodka is poured into an old-fashioned glass filled with (broken) ice cubes. It’s just that nowadays more people mix it with coffee liqueur.


An example of a cocktail and mocktail drink is a mojito. This is a type of cocktail and is a typical Cuban liquor, the main ingredient of which is white rum. To obscure the harsh effects of rum, Mojitos are usually topped with soda, mint leaves, lemonade and added cane sugar.

Raspberry Martini

An example of a red cocktail is a raspberry martini made from vodka, raspberry syrup, cranberry juice and lemon juice

Try Libre

Cuba Libre or “free Cuba”, is a type of cocktail made from a mixture of white rum, cola and lemon.

Pina Colada

Did you know, from 1978 until now, Pina Colada has been the official liquor in Puerto Rico. Pina colada is a type of cocktail that is also made from rum.

Apart from that, it is also mixed with pineapple juice, coconut cream, ice cubes, then stirred or shaken, then served with cherries and/or pineapple slices positioned on the rim of the glass.


This type of cocktail originating from Brazil is made from cachaca. Then mixed with ice cubes, lime and sugar, which is served using a small glass.

Singapore Sling

This type of cocktail from Singapore is made from gin. To make it look fresher, Singapore Sling is given a mixture of lime, contreau, pineapple juice, soda and mint leaves.


One of the classic cocktails is the Negroni. A typical Italian cocktail made from gin, mixed with red vermouth, orange peel and campari.

2. Types of Indonesian Cocktails

There is something unique about fresh alcoholic drinks in this country. Because they are famous for their spices, Indonesian cocktails are usually mixed with spices, such as:

Java Mule

The vodka cocktail combines wedang uwuh ingredients, from ginger, cloves to secang wood.

Bulleit Bourbon

Bourbon cocktail mixed with chili.

Kamikaze Ginger Honey

Cocktail of vodka mixed with ginseng.


Mix vodka with Ambon banana and papeda.

Yes. To answer this question in general, of course, cocktails are synonymous with hot muism drinks so they are incomplete without a small umbrella decoration on top as a garnish so that it is hoped that they can attract consumers.

Before there were small umbrella decorations, the garnish used in cocktail drinks was orchids. However, a professor from the University of California-Berkeley revealed a scientific explanation regarding the function of the umbrella, namely

“When the ice starts to melt, the temperature will rise above 0 degrees Celsius and the evaporation of alcohol will increase” and the function of the small umbrella is of course to slow down the evaporation.

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